“…Thank you for all you have taught me! I have been working hard, removing sod, lifting heavy rolls, tilling, moving compost, and I feel great. Historically this would crush me! [I’m] consistently doing exercises and feeling strong!!”

ErinKate S.

“Chances are, by the time you find yourself at physical therapy that specializes in pelvic floor health you will have tried just about everything to feel better to no avail. I am profoundly grateful that I was referred to Jennifer Morin. It’s an incredibly personal issue to deal with. But from our very first meeting Jen made me feel at ease with the process, and inspired confidence that we could work together to improve my condition.”

Christine W.

“I had a 4th degree tear during childbirth and needed a great deal of pelvic floor help! I was so nervous about therapy, and Jen not only put me completely at ease but improved my pelvic floor immensely.”

Julie L.

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